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Sausalito has a perfect geological position as it oversees the Richardson Bay. The view one can get from some of the rental locations is beautiful, and thus it raises the price of the property that is near the water. It’s all about the view, but we also think about affordability, and thus we will recommend some locations that have an average price and a great view as well.


Prime holiday rentals in Sausalito

Sausalito has many hotels, but you should avoid them as their price is same as the price of multi-room houses. For example, you got a Garden Studio that has two rooms, and it offers everything from the internet to the kitchen. The price of this location is 125 dollars per day with a minimum of two days of rental. If there are more than two people, then the price goes up 25 dollars per person.

Garden Studio

Another perfect place can be found just nine blocks away from downtown. It has an excellent view of the Bay and Tiburon, and the view of the sunrise is perfect. The price per night is 200 dollars with a minimum deposit of 500$. This deposit will cover cleaning fee as well. There isn’t any limit for some people, but this place is perfect for up to four individuals. The price of the lodging is mostly due to the expensive interior, but the location plays a part in the price as well. It’s located on the Caledonia Street that has some excellent shops and restaurants.

Other suitable holiday locations in Sausalito

People that don’t fancy being too close to the pier can rent a house on the nearby hillside which is around four blocks away from the water. The location we are talking about is located among many restaurants and shops, and thus it won’t take you a lot of time to walk to one of the international restaurants or to visit one of many shops around the area.

These three locations are just examples of the property you can rent in Sausalito, California. Check our website for more property that you can rent as well as addresses and Google map of all of the locations we offer.

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