Major events you should attend in Sausalito

major events

Sausalito, California has a fair amount of events that have a large impact on the whole city. Some, of those events, correspond with other national or federal events while others are only held on a local level, and they happen only in this town. We can’t list all events because we like to add some info about each of them and thus we will mention few more notable things that happen in Sausalito.

Events you might be interested in

Sausalito Film Series is a festival that starts on August 7, and the location is Cavallo Point Resort which is also one of the sponsors of the event. Tickets cost only 25 dollars per person, and anyone that buys a ticket can attend a screening of a lot of new movies. Other sponsors and supporters of the Sausalito Film Series include Ro-co films, Remember to Forget, Stella Artois and much more.

The Sausalito Art Festival is a three-day event that happens during Labor Day weekend and it the largest outdoor art festival in the country. The event allows both professionals and amateurs, as well as kids, to show off their artistic skills and there are also venues that sell various forms of art. Various musicians also perform at this event which is another reason to visit it. Ticket price varies, and you can pay 100 dollars per day to have a front-row seat at the main stage. Other tickets are cheaper, and you have a general ticket for 50, senior for 20 and junior for 5 dollars per day.

National events in Sausalito


Halloween is celebrated on a large-scale in many cities in the USA as well as in the world. Sausalito also has a large celebration on the Halloween Eve, and it involves several events. The most recognized and the most popular events are the Trick and Treat Lane and Dog Costume Contest. Other activities are added or removed as the year’s pass.
Sausalito, like many other American cities, celebrates 4th of July with fireworks. The celebration also includes a parade as well as picnic which are things that only a few other cities do. If you want fun, then come to Sausalito and experience something new.

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