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Vacation spots in Sausalito you might like

vacation spots

Sausalito has a perfect geological position as it oversees the Richardson Bay. The view one can get from some of the rental locations is beautiful, and thus it raises the price of the property that is near the water. It’s all about the view, but we also think about affordability, and thus we will recommend some locations that have an average price and a great view as well.


Prime holiday rentals in Sausalito

Sausalito has many hotels, but you should avoid them as their price is same as the price of multi-room houses. For example, you got a Garden Studio that has two rooms, and it offers everything from the internet to the kitchen. The price of this location is 125 dollars per day with a minimum of two days of rental. If there are more than two people, then the price goes up 25 dollars per person.

Garden Studio

Another perfect place can be found just nine blocks away from downtown. It has an excellent view of the Bay and Tiburon, and the view of the sunrise is perfect. The price per night is 200 dollars with a minimum deposit of 500$. This deposit will cover cleaning fee as well. There isn’t any limit for some people, but this place is perfect for up to four individuals. The price of the lodging is mostly due to the expensive interior, but the location plays a part in the price as well. It’s located on the Caledonia Street that has some excellent shops and restaurants.

Other suitable holiday locations in Sausalito

People that don’t fancy being too close to the pier can rent a house on the nearby hillside which is around four blocks away from the water. The location we are talking about is located among many restaurants and shops, and thus it won’t take you a lot of time to walk to one of the international restaurants or to visit one of many shops around the area.

These three locations are just examples of the property you can rent in Sausalito, California. Check our website for more property that you can rent as well as addresses and Google map of all of the locations we offer.

The Very Best spots for Dinner in Sausalito


If you are staying in one of the fine accommodation places that Sausalito has to offer, you may choose to have dinner “in house” on one of your overnights. However, many people prefer to get out and about, maybe have a few drinks and enjoy a nice dinner in the city, away from the hotel scene.

Luckily, Sausalito has many great spots where you can dine of an evening, regardless of your tastes or budget.

These are some of the top spots definitely worth checking out while you are in the city:

Scoma’s of Sausalito:

Being so close to the sea, it is almost criminal to visit this city and not sample some fish dishes! And Scoma’s has some of the freshest seafood you could imagine.

This is the number 2 rated restaurant in all of Sausalito on Trip Advisor, with a pretty extensive menu. Although a little on the pricey side, it is well worth it for that special night out.

Napa Valley Burger Co.

Who does not love a good burger? I know I find it very hard to turn down quality meat in between soft buns! This is the leader, the number 1 restaurant in all of Sausalito according to Trip Advisor. And it is for good reason.

The selection of burgers is immense, ranging from beef to fish, and there are a great number of salads as well, should you be in the mood for a healthy option, or choose not to eat meat. Local wines, an extensive cocktail menu and freshly squeezed juices round out what is a fantastic menu.


No, this is not a James Cameron themed movie experience, rather one of the finest Indian restaurants in all of Sausalito. Sometimes, I like to heat things up a little on the palate, a craving only a good curry can satisfy. And Avatar certainly can scratch that itch.

Featuring a menu that is a fusion of multiple ethnic tastes, there is something to satisfy everybody. The Jamaican jerk chicken enchiladas come highly recommended by yours truly!

Bar Bocce:

When it comes to pizza, many of us are very fussy. Quality pizza can be hard to come by, but Bar Bocce has you covered. The freshest ingredients, perfect wood fired pizza, an amazing selection of starters and desserts to die for are all on offer here.

Best of all, you can get an entire 4 course meal for just a few dollars – this place in no way breaks the holiday budget!

Sushi Ran:

If you are into sushi, you must visit Sushi Ran. Sister restaurant to the famous Nomica in San Francisco, here you will find an astounding array of the finest sushi.

Everything you can imagine is featured on the menu, and this place also holds events regularly too, from cocktail menu introductions to tasting dinners and much more. If you are in the mood for Maki, head down here, but be prepared to part with some dollars, this ain’t gas station sushi!


Getting About While in Sausalito


Many people head off on their holidays or for short weekends, without first looking into how they are going to get from A to B when they arrive at their chosen location. I myself was guilty of this when I visited Sausalito the first few times.

Now of course, if you intend to drive your own car about, this is not a concern for you. But if you are just “winging it” to see how things are once you’ve arrived, my guide to getting about Sausalito and the Bay area will be of help to you.


For me at least, cycling is chief among transport methods for getting around Sausalito (and in general), as you can travel at your own pace, and can really take the time to soak in all the magnificent views that this wonderful place has on offer.

There are several bike hire companies in Sausalito, and can cater to your needs, be it mountain biking or something more suited to road use.

Car Hire:

For some, the only way to get about is via car – you have all the benefits of in car entertainment, air conditioning, and the ability to come and go as you please.

Admittedly, Sausalito has little in the way of car hire, but further up the road in San Francisco or Marin City, there are plenty of options. Many people arriving to Sausalito will have arranged their car hire at the airport on the way in anyhow, so this is rarely an issue.

Public Transport:

Sausalito is extremely well catered to, public transport wise. Whether it is the BART railway system or one of the many busses traveling in all directions, you will have plenty of choice.

You even have the option of taking a Ferry, if you fancy a trip to San Francisco, and just do not want to travel over via the Golden Gate Bridge. The Ferry trip is quick and inexpensive, and is an experience all of its own.


I suppose this could be considered the most traditional of all transportation methods, and it’s certainly the cheapest! Joking aside, if you wish to walk around Sausalito, this is certainly a viable option. Everything you need is generally within reach, or a pretty short walk away.

Of course, it may take you a little longer to get to where you need to go, but you will be surrounded by breath taking views the entire time. I’d say that is a pretty even trade! It is even possible to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, should you choose to – many people do every single hour!

Whatever method you choose to get around, just make sure to take your time. Slow down, and drink in all of your surroundings in Sausalito – this is truly an amazing place. Take it from me; I’ve seen many sights on my journeys, but its here that I keep coming back to.

Sausalito rivals the best places in the world for views!

Looking For the Perfect Fishing Spot in California? Sausalito is where it’s at!

man fishing

It is now the time of year where those who like to fish, for sport, pleasure or a combination of both, start to take their fishing poles and tackle boxes out of storage, and head for the water. There is no other activity quite like fishing when it comes to relaxing environment and the thrill of the catch.

If you are looking for a perfect fishing spot in California this year, or maybe are planning a holiday with some fishing activities included, you can not go far wrong by considering Sausalito.

If you are hoping to cast a line in this area, there are some things you will need to know before hand. I’m here to help you understand what you need!

Fishing License:

First off all, if you intend to fish anywhere in the state of California, you will need a fishing license – this is mandatory. You can pick up a license in pretty much any sports store or online.

If you feel like you may return to Sausalito at some stage during the year, a 1 year license is a worthy investment, costing a little less than $46 for the whole year.

Common Fish:

You can look forward to a huge range of species in this area, from massive rays, to leopard sharks. Perch, Salmon, Striped Bass and Halibut are commonly reeled in also.

So, regardless of if it is a huge fight you are after, or just some fish for the BBQ after your day, you can find it all at the end of your line in Sausalito.

A Word of Warning:

If you intend on eating some of your catch, beware of signs in the area. It is recommended that you don’t consume fish caught in the Bay area often, due to high levels of mercury and PCBs.

Signage erected in the area will advise of what is safe to eat and what you should avoid, based on their chemical levels.

Tackle Hire:

If you are not bringing your own fishing gear with you, unfortunately, you may have to head a little ways outside the city to hire gear for a trip out fishing. There are several fantastic places in nearby San Rafael however.

What Bait to Use?

It really depends on what it is you want to catch. Baits that are commonly used in the area include worms, shrimp, sardines and anchovies. If you wish, live bait can be purchased in San Rafael and in San Francisco, for just a few bucks.

Where is the Best Spot?

Fort Baker has long been considered the best fishing spot in all of Sausalito. You can fish right off the pier and can look forward to huge fish and excellent conditions throughout.

My tip – grab some squid and try for some leopard shark – just be prepared for one hell of a fight on the end of your line! That is of course, if a Ray doesn’t get to it first!


The Very Best Places to Stay In While in Sausalito

Ok, so you have decided that Sausalito is the place for you this year, for you & your families’ vacation (maybe my blog helped you settle on this decision!).

You will no doubt be interested in the best places to stay while you are visiting this hidden gem of a city. Luckily, I’m here to help you out. I have visited Sausalito countless times down through the years, so my wealth of experience should prove useful to guide you in this search.

Sausalito, being a small city of just over 7000, has 4 hotels to choose from, all highly and thoroughly reviewed on Trip Advisor and similar websites. Let’s begin!

The Inn above Tide:

This hotel looks like it belongs in a movie, but mere pictures cannot do it justice. Rated the top hotel in Sausalito, it is by no means a cheap spot.

However, the costs are well justified. With stunning views across the San Francisco bay, this luxury hotel can cater to your every need. And with shops, art galleries and restaurants all within a short walk from the hotel, you will be very centrally located.

If you wish to visit vineyards such as Napa, a short drive north will bring you there. Definitely one to put on the bucket list.

Hotel Sausalito:

If you are after something a little less expensive (or a lot, depending on your budget!), Hotel Sausalito has everything you want. Ideally located, with wonderful views, Hotel Sausalito prides itself on having extremely clean rooms, perfect for the weary traveller.

And with it being just steps away from the Ferry terminal, you can easily head off on adventures for a nice day out, being dropped back to your door once the day has ended.

The Gables Inn:

Perhaps your stay in Sausalito is short term, or maybe you prefer to stay in “B&B” style accommodation in order to save some dollars. If so, you can’t go far wrong by booking in to the Gables Inn.

Right in the centre of downtown Sausalito, you can look forward to continental breakfast every morning, amazing views from your own private balcony that overlooks San Francisco bay, and wine & cheese receptions each evening. As it is perfectly located, you will have direct access to shops, restaurants and much more.

Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa:

If you like nothing better than whiling the hours and stresses of life away in the spa, then this hotel has got what you need! Offering unrivalled views, right from your room, the Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa is truly unique.

Renovated in 2014 (costing millions of dollars), the accommodation offered is spread across guest rooms, cottages and even an 11 room mansion! The Alexandrite Suite as it is called is spread across 5000 square foot.

As you can see, there is no shortage of quality places to stay in Sausalito, regardless of your taste or budget level. Most will have astounding views, and will make you fall in love with this city.

The Top Reasons Why Sausalito Should be Your Holiday Destination


When people are thinking of places to go for their holidays away, many of the usual places immediately pop to mind.

And if they are looking to holiday in the US, those places are usually Florida, New York or California. Well, if California is on your holiday radar, you should not overlook Sausalito as your destination of choice.

Located in the much sought out San Francisco Bay area, a mere 8 miles from San Rafael, Sausalito has everything you could ever want from a holiday destination.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Amazing Climate:

The average temperature here is roughly 12 degrees Celsius (about 57 degrees Fahrenheit), so it is rarely cold here.

Being located in California, one of the sunniest States in America, you are virtually guaranteed good weather, and plenty of rejuvenating sunshine.

The hottest months are May to October, but even in December and January, it can still get quite balmy, though the likelihood of rain increases in these months.

Away From the Tourist Traps:

Sausalito is a smallish city, with a population of roughly 7,100 inhabitants.

And although it does have a steady stream of visitors arriving via the Golden Gate Bridge (Sausalito is located at the North end), both by bicycle and on foot, there is nowhere near the amount of people mass you will find in the bigger, better known tourist locations.

Sausalito is genuinely a hidden jewel for this reason, and it means no more massive queues for food, drinks, attractions and entertainment.


Speaking of attractions, Sausalito has many to offer, and is one of the reasons why this is one of my favourite places in all of the US.

Being located virtually beside the Golden Gate Bridge, famous all over the world, and depicted in uncountable movies and TV shows, means that you too can take tours, cycle across and generally take in all that this amazing piece of architecture has to offer.

Sausalito has many waterfront restaurants to dine in, quaint boutiques for shopping, in a relaxing “village” style environment and much more.

If parks are your thing, then you simply must visit Plaza Vina del Mar Fountain & park, an oasis of calm in the centre of the city.

There is also Fort Baker National Park, overlooked by the Golden Gate Bridge, complete with Bay Area Discovery Museum – this one is great for all the family, with exhibits specially created for children.

Day Trips:

Given its location, Sausalito is in close proximity to tons of interesting places. You can arrange to take day trips to such places as Mount Tamalpais State Park, with its 50 miles of hiking trails, and featuring breath taking mountain scenery.

Or, roughly 5km away, the Richardson Bay Audubon Centre & Sanctuary is a great day out for all the family, with its open water environments and guided walks, where you can learn about birds native to California.

If visiting here, don’t miss out on Lyford House – this one is amazing!