Sausalito Art Festival Top Vendors & Booths

In virtually every part of the world, you will find artwork and art lovers. Often, they come together at festivals and other events. The same is true in Sausalito and it is one of the most popular events in the area. In fact, people travel from miles around just to see what unique types of artwork they will find at the top vendors and booths.

About the Art Festival

Art Festival BannerThe Sausalito Art Festival is an event that takes place on the waterfront. It is a yearly event that takes place on Labor Day weekend. On average, the event draws more than 250 award winning artists and 30,000 spectators.  Artists who show up are selected for their quality of work, creativity, and much more. The event has earned the title of most prestigious and most anticipated art events in the United States. Each year, you will find entertainment, delicious foods, beer and wine for you to enjoy, and many unique exhibitions.

All proceeds from this massive art festival benefits the local arts community. It goes toward student scholarships and grants to arts organizations as well as community programs.

Hidden Gems at the Festival

When discussing art festivals, most people think only of paintings and photographs. There is some of this type of artwork at the Sausalito festival, but it goes well beyond that. You will find booths where craftsmen show off their amazing jewelry collections, sculptures, and even 2-D or 3-D creations. There are booths where glassworkers and ceramic workers show off what they can do. One of the most fascinating displays is the woodworkers. At one booth demonstration, people watched a casting resin tutorial & easy cast review showing how to use resin to make arts & crafts. You may even find unique styles from clothing designers who dedicate their lives to transforming simple fabrics into masterpieces.

Each year the things that can be seen at this festival change as people push the boundaries of what is considered art in its truest, most beautiful form. This is why each year so many people choose to make it part of their Labor Day tradition.

What Will This Year’s Event Hold?

Art Booth Set UpEach year the art festival draws in a larger crowd than the year before. There are more types of artwork and more ways to keep yourself entertained while you are there. No one knows what, or who, will show up at this year’s event, but already there are people creating special items for the event. Will you be one of the artists or will you be one of the hundreds that leave their backyard grill turned off long enough to visit Sausalito’s most popular festival event?

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