Sausalito is a small city located just eight miles away from San Rafael and it in San Francisco Bay Area in the Marin County. The town has just over seven thousand inhabitants, and the city was created as a center for shipbuilding during the World War 2. It became a tourist location after the WW2 due to its artistic enclave and reputation for being a home of wealthy people. The beauty of the town lies in a significant number of houseboats and overall picturesque residential area.



Plaza Vina del Mar contains a beautiful fountain that is located in the park. The park is perfect for resting and enjoying nature as it is quite clean and landscaped.


Sausalito Art Festival is one of the best attractions in this city and if you ever decide to visit this town then don’t miss it.

bay area

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a perfect location to visit with family as it hosts philosophical exhibits that are there to cultivate creativity.

fort baker

Army enthusiasts should visit Fort Baker as it has more than 20 army buildings from the WW2 era.


Those that want to take some excellent panoramic images should walk along the Bridgeway. This is also a favorite activity for young couples.


Ferry ride that brings you to the Sausalito is an attraction as well. The ride lasts for 30 minutes, and the ride is quite scenic and perfect for relaxation.


Finding Sausalito and what to do in it is easy as you just have to check in the San Francisco on any based tourist site. Look for San Francisco and check for tourist hot-spots in the area and you will find this small town.You can also use a visitor application and search for small towns that attract tourists. You will find that Sausalito is a small city and it draws a nice amount of tourists when compared with the number of residents.Discover Sausalito through traveling bloggers like me. Many of us that visit small towns make regular trips to this little cozy town, and thus you can find a lot of it through our articles.


Sausalito Art Festival Top Vendors & Booths
In virtually every part of the world, you will find artwork and art lovers. Often, they come together at festivals[...]
Propane Powers Sausalito
When you live in a heavily populated area that is famous for being historical, you do not want pollution to[...]
Where To Stay In The Area
A perfect vacation for some includes bright lights and big cities, but this is not ideal for everyone. Some people[...]
Sausalito Art Festival Top Vendors & Booths
In virtually every part of the world, you will find artwork and art lovers. Often, they come together at festivals and other events. The same is true in Sausalito and it is one of the most popular events in the area. In fact, people travel from miles around just to see what unique types of artwork they will find at the top vendors and booths.

About the Art Festival

The Sausalito Art Festival is an event that takes place on the waterfront. It is a yearly event that takes place on Labor Day weekend. On average, the event draws more than 250 award winning artists and 30,000 spectators.  Artists who show up are selected for their quality of work, creativity, and much more. The event has earned the title of most prestigious and most anticipated art events in the United States. Each year, you will find entertainment, delicious foods, beer and wine for you to enjoy, and many unique exhibitions. All proceeds from this massive art festival benefits the local arts community. It goes toward student scholarships and grants to arts organizations as well as community programs.

Hidden Gems at the Festival

When discussing art festivals, most people think only of paintings and photographs. There is some of this type of artwork at the Sausalito festival, but it goes well beyond that. You will find booths where craftsmen show off their amazing jewelry collections, sculptures, and even 2-D or 3-D creations. There are booths where glassworkers and ceramic workers show off what they can do. One of the most fascinating displays is the woodworkers. At one booth demonstration, people watched a casting resin tutorial & easy cast review showing how to use resin to make arts & crafts. You may even find unique styles from clothing designers who dedicate their lives to transforming simple fabrics into masterpieces. Each year the things that can be seen at this festival change as people push the boundaries of what is considered art in its truest, most beautiful form. This is why each year so many people choose to make it part of their Labor Day tradition.

What Will This Year’s Event Hold?

Each year the art festival draws in a larger crowd than the year before. There are more types of artwork and more ways to keep yourself entertained while you are there. No one knows what, or who, will show up at this year’s event, but already there are people creating special items for the event. Will you be one of the artists or will you be one of the hundreds that leave their backyard grill turned off long enough to visit Sausalito’s most popular festival event?
Propane Powers Sausalito
When you live in a heavily populated area that is famous for being historical, you do not want pollution to be the thing that people remember most when they leave. For that reason, many areas, like Sausalito, rely on businesses that remain as clean as possible. It keeps the area free of heavy pollution, even during the peak of tourist season. This is why propane powers Sausalito and many homes in the area do as well.

The Beauty of Propane

Many local businesses and restaurants use propane to power a variety of appliances that we all use in our home or business. This includes gas stoves for restaurants and heaters during the cold weather months in all businesses. As a bonus, not only does it have less an impact on the environment, but their appliances have a higher efficiency rating, require less maintenance, and are ultimately more convenient than traditional, electric or oil run appliances. This is vital for a town that depends on tourists and having everything running strong when tourists are most prone to visit. It has also helped to know that backup power is also available to businesses that use propane.

Backing Up Propane Power

If you look at places like California where there is an energy crisis. It isn’t hard to understand why so many businesses rely on backup power. It ensures that they do not ever have to worry about losing business because of a problem with the power grid. At one time, the primary backup power sources used gasoline, which adds more pollution, and it is not available in unlimited supply. Natural gas is also commonly used, but shortages are always a potential problem. Even as recently as January, residents of Southern California were urged to cut down on natural gas usage. In areas like Sausalito, the risk is less severe, but present. Propane offers a viable solution and it comes in the form of a propane generator that is powerful enough to power businesses and restaurants. They are efficient and dependable, which are two of the biggest requirements for businesses throughout the U.S. The fact that they are great for the environment and produce very little emissions makes them perfect for even the busiest areas where pollution could be a problem.

Provide the Best for Visitors and Guests

Whether you are in a little, historical town or a large city with an overcrowded power grid, businesses have to focus on providing the best for visitors. A steady supply of power is important. This means it should be a priority for all to have a reliable primary power source and an even more dependable power source for backup. If you have found a glitch within your business that makes you lose business because of an absent power source, you will miss out on a lot of potentially great business. Do you want to risk it or fix it before there is a problem?