Sausalito is a small city located just eight miles away from San Rafael and it in San Francisco Bay Area in the Marin County. The town has just over seven thousand inhabitants, and the city was created as a center for shipbuilding during the World War 2. It became a tourist location after the WW2 due to its artistic enclave and reputation for being a home of wealthy people. The beauty of the town lies in a significant number of houseboats and overall picturesque residential area.



Plaza Vina del Mar contains a beautiful fountain that is located in the park. The park is perfect for resting and enjoying nature as it is quite clean and landscaped.


Sausalito Art Festival is one of the best attractions in this city and if you ever decide to visit this town then don’t miss it.

bay area

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a perfect location to visit with family as it hosts philosophical exhibits that are there to cultivate creativity.

fort baker

Army enthusiasts should visit Fort Baker as it has more than 20 army buildings from the WW2 era.


Those that want to take some excellent panoramic images should walk along the Bridgeway. This is also a favorite activity for young couples.


Ferry ride that brings you to the Sausalito is an attraction as well. The ride lasts for 30 minutes, and the ride is quite scenic and perfect for relaxation.


Finding Sausalito and what to do in it is easy as you just have to check in the San Francisco on any based tourist site. Look for San Francisco and check for tourist hot-spots in the area and you will find this small town.You can also use a visitor application and search for small towns that attract tourists. You will find that Sausalito is a small city and it draws a nice amount of tourists when compared with the number of residents.Discover Sausalito through traveling bloggers like me. Many of us that visit small towns make regular trips to this little cozy town, and thus you can find a lot of it through our articles.


Where To Stay In The Area
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Where To Stay In The Area
A perfect vacation for some includes bright lights and big cities, but this is not ideal for everyone. Some people prefer the quiet laid-back atmosphere that can only be found on a beach somewhere. Then there are those people who prefer to enjoy a place like Sausalito, CA. It is the best of all worlds combined. The town itself is quiet and quaint, but it is very close to both the busy towns and beautiful beaches. If this sounds like a perfect paradise to you; you should check out where to stay in the area.

Where to Stay

Sausalito is just a couple miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just a short trip through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Because of its close proximity to one of our biggest landmark bridges, you should expect to find your choice of fine hotels close by. There is the Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa, the Hotel Sausalito & Suites, and the Gables Inn Sausalito. Each of these hotels boasts a 3-star hotel rating, but it is their charm that will attract most people. The Casa Madrona is housed in a mansion that was built in 1885. It overlooks Richardson Bay and allows you to quickly travel to the Bridge or the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Most rooms have a balcony and you have the option to enjoy your meals while overlooking the beautiful Bay. The Hotel Sausalito is also in a very old building that was built in 1915. It is just two miles away from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and a one-minute walk to the ferry where you can ride to San Francisco. The Gables Inn is just a five-minute walk to the ferry. This beautiful Inn was built in 1869 and not only is it close to the Bridge, but it is only eight miles from Alcatraz Island.

Things to Do While Visiting

The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are two of the most well-known areas to visit when you travel to Sausalito. What you may not realize is that there are other things to see while you are there. There are a lot of nice restaurants for you to sample including the Venice Gourmet Market and The Trident Restaurant. There are also more than 500 houseboats. Some of them even offer tours so that you can see the inside of these homes. There are people who come from many miles away to spend a little time looking at all that Sausalito has to offer. People have traveled from as far away as Oregon to see and spend time in this quaint little town. If they are willing to pass up staying in cabins near Trillium Lake Oregon, can you think of a reason to not visit?

Start Planning Your Vacation Now!

Sausalito is just a very tiny portion of California, but its history is quite extensive. Its location in the San Francisco Bay ensures that. Only 7,000 people call it home year-round, but it was once the center for shipbuilding when America needed them the most, during World War 2. Since then, it has become a captivating destination for tourists, and you are cordially invited to walk through history as you pull into town.