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The best lunch locations in Sausalito


Sausalito, California isn’t a major tourist spot, and that is good because the prices aren’t same like in some cities that attract a lot of attention. Still, Sausalito draws in a good amount of tourists, and they have quite a good number of choices when it comes to eating.

The majority of the restaurants in Sausalito are owned by locals, and the price doesn’t change during tourist seasons. You might find some exotic cuisine, but the majority of these locations serve straightforward and tasty meals that won’t cost you a fortune.

Places where you might want to eat

“FRED’S Place”

A small breakfast and brunch restaurant that is located at 1917 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94987. It’s open from 7 in the morning until 2:30 PM, and it serves only American breakfast and lunch classics. If you are a fan of some traditional meals that are served by people who have been preparing them for over a decade, then you found a right place.

“Le Garage”

Individuals that are looking for something interesting might like “Le Garage”, a small establishment that serves French food. You can find this restaurant at 85 Liberty Ship Way #109. The name comes from the fact that the restaurant is an auto shop that was converted. The parking area might not be suitable, but the food is excellent for those that love French cuisine.

“Bayside Café”

Is located at 1 Gate 6 Rd and it’s a family-operated café that serves simple breakfast and lunch meals. This place is perfect for people that like peace and quiet as well as simple food like omelets, smoothies, and sandwiches. The service in this place is exceptional even though the price is a bit inflated.

“Poggio Trattoria” – Fresh Italian food

One of the, if not the best location to eat through the day in Sausalito is the “Poggio Trattoria,” a Northern Italian restaurant that serves dishes that are made out of produce that is grown in the nearby garden. People that like fresh, and Italian, the cuisine will like this place even though the price of some dishes is higher and that is due to the cost of some fresh ingredients the restaurant has to buy.

The Very Best spots for Dinner in Sausalito


If you are staying in one of the fine accommodation places that Sausalito has to offer, you may choose to have dinner “in house” on one of your overnights. However, many people prefer to get out and about, maybe have a few drinks and enjoy a nice dinner in the city, away from the hotel scene.

Luckily, Sausalito has many great spots where you can dine of an evening, regardless of your tastes or budget.

These are some of the top spots definitely worth checking out while you are in the city:

Scoma’s of Sausalito:

Being so close to the sea, it is almost criminal to visit this city and not sample some fish dishes! And Scoma’s has some of the freshest seafood you could imagine.

This is the number 2 rated restaurant in all of Sausalito on Trip Advisor, with a pretty extensive menu. Although a little on the pricey side, it is well worth it for that special night out.

Napa Valley Burger Co.

Who does not love a good burger? I know I find it very hard to turn down quality meat in between soft buns! This is the leader, the number 1 restaurant in all of Sausalito according to Trip Advisor. And it is for good reason.

The selection of burgers is immense, ranging from beef to fish, and there are a great number of salads as well, should you be in the mood for a healthy option, or choose not to eat meat. Local wines, an extensive cocktail menu and freshly squeezed juices round out what is a fantastic menu.


No, this is not a James Cameron themed movie experience, rather one of the finest Indian restaurants in all of Sausalito. Sometimes, I like to heat things up a little on the palate, a craving only a good curry can satisfy. And Avatar certainly can scratch that itch.

Featuring a menu that is a fusion of multiple ethnic tastes, there is something to satisfy everybody. The Jamaican jerk chicken enchiladas come highly recommended by yours truly!

Bar Bocce:

When it comes to pizza, many of us are very fussy. Quality pizza can be hard to come by, but Bar Bocce has you covered. The freshest ingredients, perfect wood fired pizza, an amazing selection of starters and desserts to die for are all on offer here.

Best of all, you can get an entire 4 course meal for just a few dollars – this place in no way breaks the holiday budget!

Sushi Ran:

If you are into sushi, you must visit Sushi Ran. Sister restaurant to the famous Nomica in San Francisco, here you will find an astounding array of the finest sushi.

Everything you can imagine is featured on the menu, and this place also holds events regularly too, from cocktail menu introductions to tasting dinners and much more. If you are in the mood for Maki, head down here, but be prepared to part with some dollars, this ain’t gas station sushi!